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Attention Foreign Language Learners:

“Radically change the way you learn language. Discover how to learn faster, remember more accurately, and have more fun...

Learning a language fast is not about intelligence, memory, or aptitude—
it's about strategy

Dear Language Enthusiast,

How would your life change if you could finally start really communicating in your chosen foreign language?

Imagine effortlessly chatting with friends and co-workers in their native language. Just picture the smiles of delight when you're traveling and you tell locals learn you're "not from here" even though they think you "speak so well." Sound good?

Now what if I told you that you can tap into your brain's natural capacity to learn language and reach that level without the go-nowhere frustration and boredom common to so many language learning methods.

Fast Fluency or Slow Struggle:
What Makes the Difference?

You know some people soak up foreign language vocabulary like a sponge and quickly learn to speak with ease and confidence...and good grammar.

Maybe you personally know average folks who've learned two, three, or more languages with seemingly no strain or struggle.

Meanwhile, you've been diligently working through highly recommended language courses and following your teacher's advice, and still feel stuck and frustrated.

You keep forgetting vocabulary, grammar rules make no sense, and when you try to speak, you feel like a two-year-old. You're starting to wonder if even can learn another language.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You wish you could put native speakers on slow-motion so you could catch what they're saying. You try to listen, but get bored and frustrated because you just can't understand.
  • You're reluctant to speak—maybe even avoid talking to native speakers—because you're embarrassed by your grammar mistakes or accent.
  • You read and re-read your vocabulary lists, but the words just won't stick.
  • Your eyes glaze over at terms like "dative case," "subjunctive mood," and "indefinite relative pronoun."
  • You look at grammar tables of verb conjugations and case endings and wonder how you'll ever understand it all much less remember it when you want to put a sentence together.
  • Just thinking about juggling the rules of vowel harmony or the gender of nouns and adjectives gives you an instant headache.
  • Grammar rules seem just plain illogical and the reasons you're supposed to say things a certain way don't make sense to you.
  • You're learning, but you don't know why you aren't learning faster. After all, some people seem to "pick up" languages with barely any effort. You just want to know the language already.

It Doesn't Have to be This Way.

Clearly there's a disconnect somewhere. What are those with a "gift for languages" doing that you're not? What makes the difference?

Be sure to read every word of this message for the next 15 minutes and you'll discover the little-known learning strategies that let you...

  • Slash the time it takes you to learn vocabulary
  • Almost effortlessly absorb even complex grammar concepts
  • Speak with fluency, accuracy, and confidence

Let me tell you a little story...

At 14, I started a Russian language course my school guidance counselor warned me away from as "extremely difficult" and I did just fine. After college, I moved to Hungary without money for language classes (I was a broke college kid!). I taught myself and after a while wondered why everyone says the language is so difficult.

Eventually, I earned a teaching certificate and was able to teach English in Hungarian. While working with me, one of my students finally passed his exams after having tried nine times before.

Another began making startling progress after rejecting six other teachers prior to me. (My boss reluctantly told me only after I'd spent a few months working with him.) In fact, this gentleman learned so fast I asked him what his secret was.

So, I thought I knew a thing or two about language learning. Then, courtesy of a twist of fate, I moved to the Republic of Georgia. I thought I'd learn Georgian the way I'd learned Hungarian. I bought a phrasebook, a dictionary, and a newspaper and set to work. Boy, did I get a shock.

Long story short, I went through several months of frustration and next to no progress. I was really embarrassed, felt like a total failure, and for the first time I was really worried about my ability to learn a language. Was I already too old? Did I have less "aptitude" than I thought? Or was there something wrong with my approach...

"I learned the hard way that traditional methods weren't going to get me anywhere—
then I discovered the real 'secrets' to language learning and things finally fell into place".

Not one to give up easily, I organized all those successful learning methods I'd provided to my students and started voraciously hunting around for more and testing those, too. I researched, experimented, and interviewed people. I applied what I learned and finally started getting somewhere. And that was the beginning of Faster Foreign Language Learning.

I wondered why, in 15 years of studying and teaching, I've never seen these "extra fast learning techniques" taught in language classes. I collected them over the years from experience and individual language enthusiasts.

You'll discover how to study SMARTER, not harder, so learning to speak and understand is fast and enjoyable.

Once you finish Faster Foreign Language Learning, you'll know exactly how the fast learners do it. You're going to be able to speak at a train station, at a hotel, with new friends… in almost every situation you can think of!

The Seven-Day Jump Start program included in Faster Foreign Language Learning will get you up and conversing in just a week. The proven strategies and techniques for continued fast learning will help you reach fluency within six months.

Living your dream of speaking another language confidently and naturally is well within your reach.

Do you realize you can do in one week what some language courses take over a month to teach?

If you're like I was, you want to know why that is? How do some people gain fluency so fast while the majority struggle for years to learn a language and still get poor results?

Well, as you've probably already realized: the fast learners are doing it differently. They're using certain techniques, strategies, and “tricks” that the average learner doesn't.

Part of the reason so many people struggle with language learning is the widespread misconception that "teach yourself" books and CDs, college courses, private language tutors and/or immersion (living with native speakers) are all you need to learn a language as an adult.

Unfortunately, that's just not true. Self-study courses and language teachers teach the fundamentals of a language—vocabulary, grammar, reading, speaking—not how to learn a language—that is, how to remember and use all that vocab and grammar they're feeding you.

No matter how good the program you buy or the course you take, it's not likely to do much for you unless you know how to learn a language.

Those nitty-gritty learning techniques—the ones that help you soak up vocabulary and absorb grammar rules without memorizing charts and tables—are rarely taught even in language classes.

That's where Faster Foreign Language Learning comes in. It pulls back the curtain on the "secrets" of fast learners and shows you exactly what they do and how YOU can do it, too, with astonishing results.

These techniques are straight from the "multilingual inner circle"—the people who race from zero knowledge to near fluency in less than a year. Their power can be yours today.

This is not another language learning program
like Living Language® or Pimsleur®.

Those are both excellent programs, but this is something different. This is something you can personalize, mold to your preferences and needs, and apply to any language.

And it's far more than a collection of study tips. If you have a little experience with learning languages, then you already know about mnemonics, imagery, the method of loci, and other learning techniques.

Faster Foreign Language Learning goes far beyond all that. It's like installing the "fast language learner" chip inside your head .

"If I were given eight hours to chop down a tree, I would spend seven hours sharpening my ax.” – Abraham Lincoln

Faster Foreign Language Learning gives you a razor-sharp ax that can chop through the tangled brambles that fill textbooks and language classes everywhere and cut a clear path to your ultimate goal: real communication.

Here's a sampling of what you're going to get in a few minutes when you start reading the book...

  • A proven, step-by-step system that leads you by the hand so you make steady progress from day one. Faster Foreign Language Learning leads you through the exact steps that will help you gain “real-world” language skills quickly and easily. You'll be able to have real-world conversations in just days.
  • Over 50 clearly detailed techniques to turbo-charge your ability to learn fast and remember accurately. In 15 years of studying and teaching, I've never seen these taught in language classes. I collected them over the years from experience and other language enthusiasts. Once you finish the book, you'll know exactly how the fast learners do it.
  • Learn how you can almost effortlessly develop the ability to speak grammatically without even thinking about "rules," just like native speakers do. Chapter Seven reveals what "grammar" really is. It's a total mind-set shift from traditional thinking. And nine out of 10 language learners completely miss this. Strip away the misconceptions you've been fed and unleash your natural ability to "absorb" grammar. You'll never again need to memorize a grammar table!
  • A powerful tactic, detailed on page 74, that makes learning vocabulary a breeze in any language, no matter how "exotic" the sounds. No amount of "memory tricks" will help you unless you do this first. When I first started using this technique, I was shocked at how fast the words stuck.
  • Find out the disturbing truth behind why spending hours listening to and mimicking the way native speakers talk may never give you a perfect accent. Believe it you not, you can sound exactly like a native no matter what your age, but only a highly limited number of people know how to do it (hint: they're usually members of a certain profession). You'll learn exactly how to do it.
  • Uncover ingenious (and dead simple) tricks that will improve your accent literally overnight. I'll be honest, they do require concentration and some attention to detail, but nothing headache-inducing. I promise!
  • Get the inside scoop on a sneaky way to trick native speakers into thinking you're already fluent. Quickly break free of the ungrammatical "Tarzan talk" that leaves you too embarrassed to open your mouth. Learn why you don't need a lot of Tarzan grammar in the beginning. (In fact, if you're serious about learning to speak like a native, it can harm you in the future).
  • Learn incredible techniques that rapidly increase your ability to understand native speech at normal speed. No more feeling dumb or getting frustrated because you can't make out what people are saying to you. "Listening more" and "trying harder" are not the answers. Faster Foreign Language Learning shows you exactly how to understand better. These methods let you blast through your listening problems once and for all.
  • 10 simple, no-fail strategies to keep the romance of those first few weeks of study alive literally for years on end. Avoid burn-out and never get bored with your language.
  • More than 30 fun practice exercises detailed for you. You'll have a steady supply of enjoyable, effective ways to increase your foreign language skills whatever your learning style may be. These make learning as fun as play.

There's a huge gaping flaw
in most "learn a language fast" books...

You've seen it before: "Learn 1000 words of Spanish a day" or "Master Urdu in ten minutes a day." If these methods actually work, why are so many motivated learners still struggling?

Are they lazy? Hardly!

Plenty of people spend thousands of dollars (and euros and yen) and countless hours out of their already-tight schedules for the “privilege” of language classes and private tutors and still get nowhere.

Truth is a lot of those books written by fast learners totally miss things because language learning is easy for the authors. They do it instinctively.

It's a like a six-foot-six basketball player telling you you can slam dunk just like him if only you wear the right sneakers. Well, he's overlooking his natural advantage.

That's why most "learn a language fast" strategies fail the average Joe and Jane!

Every learner is different

The information in Faster Foreign Language Learning is not about "how I learned a language." It's not limited to what works for a few specific situations and one person's learning style. I spent years digging for these both for myself and my students.

More importantly, I've tested them with a variety of learners who had different learning styles, goals, and motivations.

My students have ranged from elderly "hobby linguists" learning for fun to young middle managers hoping language skills might garner them a raise. That's why you won't find any lazy, one-size-fits-all solutions in Faster Foreign Language Learning.

Every language is different, too

Another major problem with many "how to learn a language" guides is they treat languages as if they were more or less they same.

You can’t use the same approach for learning German as you would for Japanese. For instance, most guides will give you tips for learning verb tenses. Well, surprise! Not all languages use "tenses."

Try to force your native language's concepts onto your new language and of course you'll get frustrated with grammar and have trouble remembering words.

Discover how to "get inside" your new language, though, and learning happens almost as if by magic.

How Fluent is Fluent?

Ever notice how many “how to learn a language fast” books and courses promise to help you become “fluent in months,” but don’t tell you what they mean by "fluent?" What are they hiding?

See, the problem is some people think being “fluent” just means being able to speak and understand comfortably, while to others, true fluency is practically translator level. I believe you deserve to know what you’re getting.

If you’re organized, motivated, and know what you’re doing, you can reach level B2 (upper intermediate) in most languages in six months.

That's the fourth out of six levels on the Common European Framework of Reference for language skills assessment. It's roughly equivalent to what the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages calls "Advanced High."

B2 - Independent User (upper intermediate) - "Can understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions in his/her field of specialization. Can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible without strain for either party. Can produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects and explain a viewpoint on a topical issue giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options." — Goethe Institute

Now, chances are at the six month mark you'll still have an accent, still make some major grammatical errors, and still need to look up the meanings of more "advanced" words.

You won't be "near native," but you will be able to talk with native speakers, get the gist of newspaper articles, or understand a movie with no real problems. With the right tactics, that's an entirely reasonable goal for six months.

Unfortunately, typical language classes that provide two days of group instruction a week, coupled with the average student's lack of language study skills, means those "six months" get dragged out over several years. There is NO reason you need to waste your time like that.

Radically change the way you learn language. Learn faster, remember more accurately, and have more fun.

These strategies work for any language

  • It's not just for languages that are "easy" for English speakers, like French, German, or even Russian. Faster Foreign Language Learning will help you even if the sounds and grammar concepts of your target language don't even exist in your native language. This system has been road-tested on languages like Hungarian, Georgian, Arabic, (and Spanish. :) )
  • Find out what to do if you're studying a rare language like Chukchi of Siberia or Gunwinygu of Australia and can't get many materials (not even a dictionary!)
  • Discover effective and fun techniques for studying extinct languages like Latin, Sanskrit or even Polabian.

This Book is For You if...

  • You’re self-taught, talking daily intensive classes or anywhere in between.
  • You've never studied a foreign language before or you took two years of college French and still aren't sure you could order a cup of coffee in Paris or you're already fluent in another languages, but want a more efficient way to learn.
  • You're not a trained linguist and all the overly academic language in some books puts you to sleep.
  • You love learning about other cultures and languages, but can't seem to get very far when it comes to speaking a foreign language.
  • You don’t particularly love studying foreign languages, but you need another language for your job or personal life and you just want to know the language as soon as possible.
  • You have a life outside language learning and feel like you have no time to study.

Here's What You'll Get...

  • Faster Foreign Language Learning course book
    Complete, no-fluff guide jam-packed with proven methods for faster, easier learning and better retention. No unnecessary academics or theorizing. You'll get practical learning strategies and techniques laid out in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner. Easily apply what you learn and get real results.
  • Quick Start Worksheets
    You won't be left high and dry once you finish the book. These worksheets help you take immediate action towards reaching your language goals. Get your language learning off to a flying start and stay on track until you get the results you want.
  • The Phrasebook Starter
    The one and only! A thorough list (in English) of phrases most commonly needed for essential, real-world communication. This is based on my experience in four countries each with distinctly different languages. These are all those everyday phrases that most phrasebooks don't contain (but you wish they did!). In about a month, you can master these must-know phrases in your foreign language and be ready to handle almost any situation with confidence.
  • Speak Like a Native Accent Reduction Guide
    This 28-page supplement reveals the secrets of how you can get a native-sounding accent no matter what your age or "aptitude." I outline specific steps for exactly what to do to dramatically improve your accent. Several of these techniques are dead easy, yet provide immediate results.
  • Email or Phone Consultation
    Stuck? Not sure where to start? Just email or call me up with any questions you might have about how to use Faster Foreign Language Learning or about language learning in general. You'll get a personalized, detailed answer within 24 hours. I'll even give you a toll-free phone number (toll free in the US only).

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

You also have my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for a full 365 days. Take a full year to try out the strategies and techniques in Faster Foreign Language Learning. If you don't find they make language learning many times easier, just let me know what you tried and I'll refund your money in full.

Live your Dream of Speaking Another Language
Confidently and Naturally.

Now picture this...

It's a year from today (or a lot sooner), and you've become the impressive, fluently multilingual person you'd always dreamed of being—with a lot less effort than you expected.

Your language skills have helped you meet new friends and broaden your career options. (And your jealous monolingual friends wonder how you did it!)

Even better, you know for a fact that you have the tools and skills to reach an even higher level in your favorite foreign languages and learn any other languages with ease any time you want.

How much would you be willing to invest to achieve your language learning goals in a fraction of the time you expected? To avoid hours of drudgery and frustration and save hundreds by steering clear of language courses that don't help you because they don't match your learning style? To have fun learning and be able to chat comfortably with native speakers sooner than you ever thought possible?

"Download Your Copy"

Yes, Amelia! I Understand That...

This comprehensive course provides fun, engaging methods for every aspect of foreign language learning.

These proven techniques are hands down some of the fastest, easiest ways to build my foreign language skills no matter what my learning style.

I have a FULL 365 days to go through the material and put it to the test. If I'm not completely satisfied, I simply send you an email for a prompt refund.

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That's less than the price of a few private lessons. A couple of private language lessons might give you, say, an introduction to present tense verbs.

Faster Foreign Language Learning gives you a complete road map to the language learning highway so you can get speed down it and get ten times more out of every hour you study. That means you'll need far fewer lessons and courses to reach fluency.

Worry-Free Ordering: payment processing is 100% secure and private. Instant download ability means you can start discovering how to build your foreign language skills the easy way within minutes.

Here's to your success,

Amelia Green, Author
Faster Foreign Language Learning

P.S. If you don't order Faster Foreign Language Learning right now, when will you discover the magic and fun of fluently speaking another language? This course hands you all the learning shortcuts that will have you conversing in any foreign language you choose mere days from right now.

P.P.S. Don't forget, this is a risk-free investment. If after trying these methods and techniques, you don't get dramatic results, I'll refund every penny. What have you got to lose (except hours of drudgery and frustration?) By choosing to do nothing, you're choosing to struggle in your learning or even give up altogether. Do something! Take action towards reaching your goals today.


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